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Comedy Central
Apr 23, 2014 7:30pm PDT
quote than had been reported that be the cia had reported. or to put that another way. >> former cia director michael hayden questioned dianne feinstein's reason for releasing the report as emotional. >> emotional feeling on the part of the senator but i don't think it leads you to an objective report. >> senator just needs her beauty sleep. that's all. [ laughter ] >> so the way the former head of the cia is defending that
Apr 3, 2014 10:00pm EDT
quote americans do. the report also points to major problems with the cia's management of this program and its interactions with the white house compound other parts of the executive branch and congress. this is also deeply troubling and shows what oversight of intelligence agencies in a democratic nation is so important. the release of the summary and conclusions in the near future shows that this nation admits its errors come to his painful as they may be in seeks to learn from them. it is now abundantly clear that in an effort to prevent further terrorist attacks after 9/11 and bring those responsible to justice the cia did make some serious mistakes and that they honk to us to this day. we are technology and those
Apr 3, 2014 10:00pm EDT
quote justice the cia did make some serious mistakes and that they honk to us to this day. we are technology and those mistakes and we have a continuing responsibility to make sure that nothing like this ever happens again. the full 6200 page report has been updated and will be held for declassification at a later time. i want to recognize the tireless and dedicated work of the staff who produce this report over the past five years under very trying circumstances. they have made an enormous contribution and i also want to thank my colleagues, the senators who have reported -- supported this review from the beginning and have ensured that we reach this point. bank you.
FOX News
Apr 2, 2014 8:00am PDT
of the cia defending his action on days after the benghazi attack. now, michael morell is denying he cooked the books on the attack and covered it up. those have been the allegations and he said they are not true and rejects claims that prolitical pressure to protect the president and secretary of state hilary clinton forced him to edit the talking points. there was editing done by one analyst that may have led to confusion. they are focused on the deleted references to al qaeda. >> were they demonstratoring heavy heavy machine guns? >> they don't remember >> but your analyst had attack and al qaeda originally. >> yes. they did. one of the reasons they say they made that change is because it didn't make a lot of sense to say attacked evolved into assaults. >> you are lying on this lady's analysis? is that correct? >> yes. they also changed the phrase they participated in the attacks to the extremist participated in violent demonstrations. i am having to hard time why you would want to say with four americans dead, the place set on fire, that this is a demonstration rather than an attack whe
Apr 4, 2014 10:00pm EDT
was the deputy director of the cia from 2010-2013. twice he served as acting director. he was president george w. bush's briefer in the 9/11 attacks. yesterday, he testified before the house intelligence committee about his role in creating the cia talking points following the benghazi consulate attacks. >> i believe the facts in my written statement that neither i nor anyone else at the cia worked to alter the analysis or the talking points in a way that compromised our responsibility to the american people. we did not deliberate downplay the role of terrorists in the benghazi attack in our analysis or in the talking points. and neither i nor anyone at the agency downplayed any aspect of the tragedy of the attack at benghazi. mr. chairman, none of what i just said should be interpreted to mean that we at the cia did no organization ever does. >> i am pleased to have michael morrell at the table for the first time. i also take note of the fact that he is a contributing analyst at cbs where i work. i am pleased to have him at this table for the first time. welcome. >> it is great to be here. >> w
Apr 22, 2014 12:30pm EDT
cia scientific intelligence officer talks about the changing nature of intelligence gathering. eugene poteat. this hourlong event is hosted by the institute of world politics. >> we're going to go ahead and get started. there will be some people coming in as, i guess, as traffic allows. but good evening, and on behalf of the student body, i'd like to welcome you all to iwp this evening for this event's lecture entitled "the changing face of american intelligence: or from oss special operations to analysis and high-tech reconnaissance, back to the special operations" with mr. eugene poteat. more than 20 years ago, the institute of world politics was founded as a graduate school of national security and international affairs dedicated to developing leaders with a sound understanding of international realities and the ethical conduct of state craft based on knowledge and appreciation of the founding principles of the american political economy and western world tradition. this evening we are especially pleased to welcome you all here as our guest lecturer, mr. poteat, is one of the many
Apr 4, 2014 6:00pm EDT
the chairman said earlier. i have no doubt, there is no doubt in my mind that had the cia security officers from the benghazi base not responded to the state department facility that we would have lost many more state department officers there. there is no doubt in my mind. there's also no doubt in my mind that have cia officers and u.s. military officers responded from tripoli to benghazi. >> which is oversees her miles. >> which is over 600 miles. and then i responded that night and went to benghazi more americans would have died at the cia base. i believe there is actually a very large number of americans who are alive today thanks to the response of both the cia officers at the benghazi base and the cia and military officers from tripoli. >> all the evidence that i have heard in the hearings that i attended, not one time did anyone make a comment that they felt they were abandoned by the united states government or the united states military. >> i know of no stand down order from anybody in the military. i am aware of several requests by ca for military support that nine. those requests
Apr 23, 2014 11:33pm EDT
of their professions today. mr. poteat is a retired senior cia scientific intelligence officer and the president of the association of former intelligence officers also known as raphael. he was educated as an electrical engineer and physicist and he holds a masters in statecraft of national security affairs for i did bp unit believed that costs in 2009 and in his career in intelligence he has included working with u2 and sr-71 class of your wrapped in various space and naval reconnaissance systems. he also managed the cia's worldwide network -- he holds patents on covert communications techniques. his cia assignments have included the directorate of science and technology, the national reconnaissance office technical director of the navy special programs office and executive tractor of the intelligence research in developmental counsel. he served abroad in london and scandinavia the middle east and asia and he has received the cia's medal of merit at the national reconnaissance office is meritorious civilian award for his technological innovations. following mr. poteat's lecture we will have a f
Apr 1, 2014 2:00pm PDT
on ukraine's border. >> the cia under a microscope after a report in "the washington post" says the organization lied about interrogation methods used on alleged terror suspects. >> medics are battling to contain a lethal virus. nato foreign minister's have ordered in and to civilian and military cooperation with russia and say they are having general staffs quickly devise ways to better protect alliance members. >> a serious move. does this signal the end of two decades of cooperation between the u.s. and russia? >> the alliance into this cooperation after russia moved troops to the ukrainian border following its incorporation of the crimean peninsula. it also said it would send advisers to begin training ukrainian forces. >> moscow says it has already begun pulling back troops from the ukrainian border, but nato sees no evidence of this. instead, the alliance has announced more assistance for the ukraine and the end of cooperation with russia. >> russia's aggression against ukraine is the gravest threat to european security in a generation, and it challenges our vision of euro
Apr 4, 2014 2:00pm PDT
and the cia post-9/11. the u.s. senate says the world should know the facts. >> many in london still struggle to come to terms with a genocide 20 years ago. in afghanistan, violence and murder just hours before voters go to the polls. >> a police commander opened fire on to journalists covering the election. prize-winning german job for shot dead. one is still fighting for her life. >> and the taliban is denying responsibility. if that is the case, that would mark the first insider attack on journalists. >> on your new dream house -- anya and her catholic -- and her canadian colleague were traveling in the east of the country. the convoy they were with was distributing balloting information and had unarmed escort. but armed officers had little chance to react when another policeman manning a checkpoint opened fire on the women. anja niedringhaus died at the scene. kathy gannon was taken to a nearby hospital. >> the wounded journalist is 60 years old and in critical condition. our surgical team is providing her with medical aid. fax cap the -- >> kathy gannon's injuries are likely not life-thr
Apr 4, 2014 12:00am PDT
>> charlie: welcome to the program. tonight, mike morell, former deputy director of the cia, on what happened in benghazi and how the cia responded. >> so i was traveling overseas. i was in amman, jordan. my staff actually woke me up in the middle of the night to tell me about what was happening in benghazi. >> charlie: what did they say? they woke me up the first time to tell me about the attack on the state department complex and, by the time they woke me up, they told me about the attack. they told me our officers from our base in benghazi had gone to the state department facility to help rescue the state department folks and that they brought them back to our compound where there was a second attack that our officers repulsed and then they told me everything was quiet. at that point, i went back to bed, only to be woken up a few hours later by my staff to be told that our facility was under attack for a second time, this time with much heavier weapons to include mortars. >> charlie: mike morell for the hour, next. >> there's a saying around here: you stand behind what yo
FOX News
Apr 13, 2014 1:00am PDT
and why one of our most trusted officials, the former head of the cia, lied to the a a a a a . back to justice with judge jeanine. >>> and now my statement on the latest benghazi lies. this nation was founded on pillars of truth and justice. it's who we are. it's what we stand for. it's why american patriots broke from king george iii. yet the obama administration's relentless affront to the core values of this republic continues to chip away at that very foundation. they laugh at you and dance by the obama play book of delay, lie, deny and plead the fifth. it's all theater to them. the latest performance, former cia chief swears to tell the truth and incredibly claims his removal of the truth and substitution of lies about benghazi and his attempt to change the course of history was not political. in my line of work, when someone swears on the bible and admits he lied and is full of claims become the official version of the united states government, it would demand is presentation to the grand jury and a subsequent indictment. he starts -- >> i took out the word islamic in front of
Apr 18, 2014 4:00pm EDT
poteat, former cia scientific intelligence officer. he talks that the changing nature special ops from world war ii to high-tech reconnaissance during the cold war to the post-9/11 environment that integrates human intelligence gathering with high-tech weaponry, hosted by the institute of world politics, this is an hour. >> we are going to go ahead and get started. there will be some people coming in i guess this traffic allows. but good evening and on behalf of the student body, i'd like to welcome you all to iw p. this evening or this defense lecture entitled the changing face of american intelligence from oss special operations to analysis and high-tech reconnaissance back to the special operations with mr. eugene poteat. whether 20 years ago the institute of world politics was founded as graduate school of a national security and international affairs dedicated to developing leaders with a sound understanding of international realities and the ethical conduct of statecraft based on knowledge and appreciation of the founding principles of the american political economy in western wo
Al Jazeera America
Apr 1, 2014 10:00pm EDT
senate report blasts the cia with claims that the agency misled the public for years on enhanced interrogation. also, gm's huge recall shines a light on a completely legal practice that some call a serious conflict of interest that could affect all of us. >>> plus, who holds the keys to the internet? we will meet a member of a very select secret group. >>> how vulnerable is america's food supply to terrorism? i am antonio morrow. welcome to "consider this." here is more on what's ahead. >> the obama administration is reportedly considering handing over a convicted spy. >> this is the peace talks that are on the verge of collapse. >> the president has not made a decision to release jonathan policyic. >> the cia is accused of misleading the country. >> about the effectivenets of using torture to get information. >> the senate intelligence reports concludes the enhanced interrogation program produc produced little to know intelligence. >> a company accused of overlooking a deadly glitch. >> driving this car was like playing a game of russian roulette. >> my sincere apologies to ever
Al Jazeera America
Apr 3, 2014 1:00am EDT
of palestine. >> combative testimony on capitol hill - we'll go inside the c.i.a. as is paces fire on two fronts. opposition leaders claim they are the victim of america media bias. will a sharply divided supreme court decision on campaign finance give the wealthy more say over who gets elected. >> did a convict rapist escape a sentence because he's rich. i'm moreantonio mora, here is m on what is ahead. >> lashing out at white house , protesters clash with riot police. >> after two months of protests, there's no sign they will stop. >> we did not downplay the role of terrorists. some students are opting out. >> settling for a status quo shouldn't be the answer. >> a wealthy heir to the du pont pleaded guilty admitting he performed sex acts on his 3-year-old daughter. >> the sentence, community service. >> criticism has sit the c.i.a. the duet ni director was grill deputy director was grilled whether he received reports that there was no protest before the deadly terror attack. >> we did not deliberately downplay the role of terrorists in the ben gassy attack in the analysis or talking po
chapter in his book detailing how the cia, i think in the '60s and '70s, worked to monitor actual books being published or wrote the books and infiltrated news networks. it is fascinating. >> i want to go back and talk about the checks and balances. another thing john has written about and you also and i am going to and ask a two-part question which is a huge no-no in journalism. but i want to first ask about the executive branch. like we are seeing right now it appears there is a separation between what the intelligence groups are doing and the knowledge that the executive branch might have and specifically whatever the current whitehouse administration is. that is my first question for john. and i want to follow up with heidi and talk about something you briefly touched within on with the port washington case and that is fusion centers and the way that local governments work with the federal government in these domestic surveillance cases. >> i would argue the executive branch that includes the president and the intelligence agencies is aware of what is going on. the pattern that the
Apr 17, 2014 8:00am PDT
hendrik hertzberg. the new details emerge about the key role of the air force in the cia's secret overseas drone war. all of that and more coming up. this is democracy now!,, the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. ukraine are slated to hold the first direct talks today amidst rising unrest. in an overnight clash, ukrainian security forces killed three pro-russian separatists, wounded 13, and took 63 cap this after they tried to storm a military base. thefinding comes just after collapse of the ukrainian operation to retake government buildings in several towns. separatists seized ukrainian armored vehicles and crowds surrounded another column, forcing troops to hand over the pins from the rifles and retreat. four partyments, as talks begin in geneva today between russia, ukraine, the european union, and the united states. we will have more on the story after headlines. the syrian government is facing new allegations of using chemical weapons against civilians. videos posted online show what appear to be victims of a chlorine gas attack in the northern syria town. the a
FOX News
Apr 2, 2014 11:00am PDT
. fireworks on capitol hill as the man in charge of the cia at the time of the benghazi attack talks now, what really happened that night. hi, everyone. i'm gretchen carlson, welcome to "the real story" today. member of the house intelligence committee grilling former acting cia director mike morell about his role crafting talking points and allegations he caved to political pressure towed it them. bret baier is the host of special report and my guest. fatnating. i couldn't turn away this morning. >> it was interesting to see mike morell on the hot seat answering a series of questions. what was most interesting, how he broke down talking points and got to them. how they relied on analysis from cia here as opposed to station chief and on the ground, memos and communication from libya on the ground in benghazi. there were a number of exchanges with republicans who would get to the bottom of where that motivation was coming to change the talking points. a lot of round abouts. basically morell took credit for changing them. michele bachmann said the state department and white house didn't do it be
Apr 6, 2014 2:00pm EDT
been said and many allegations have been made about the handling of benghazi by the c.i.a. and its leadership including me. much of this discussion has been inaccurate. and the congress and the american people deserve to know the facts. i want to start by making my most important point of the day and it repeats something that both the chairman and the ranking member said. i want to take a minute to honor the patriots that america lost on that tragic night in benghazi. chris stevens, shawn smith, tyrone woods, and glenn daugherty. they died serving their country. and it is paramount that we never lose sight of their service, their dedication, and their bravery. mr. chairman, i have submitted a comprehensive and detailed 23-page written statement. i respectfully request that it be placed in the record. >> wousm. >> it covers the development and evolution of c.i.a.'s classified analysis of what happened in benghazi and my role in that process. it also covers the preparation of the now famous unclassified talking points and my role in that process. and it covers the specific allegation
FOX News
Apr 12, 2014 6:00pm PDT
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FOX News
Apr 12, 2014 9:00pm PDT
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FOX News
Apr 2, 2014 6:00am PDT
the cause of the attack. despite the fact the cia's station chief in libya said exactly the opposite: there were no protests and he made a large cry in making sure his voice was heard before susan rice went on tv and made her statements. in the end, as we know, sadly four americans were to lose their lives that night, including our ambassador chris stevens. catherine is here live. what brought or triggered this hearing today? >> what we know about the september 15th e-mail from the chieff oof station, who is the cia's chief on the ground. this was the first time the chief told the cia head quarters in washington there was no protest prior to the attack. this e-mail was sent to emphasis and insist what you are saying in washington can't be supported by the facts on the grund. and based on the content of the september 15th e-mail from the chief of station, which is classifi classified, the chairman of the house committee told bill o'reilly he had no choice but to recall michael morell. >> there is disagreement over what he said in the past and what guys on the ground said. guys on the
Apr 2, 2014 10:00pm EDT
analysis from your chief of station on the ground? >> no. that was not disseminated outside of the cia. >> don't you think that was an important document to get into the hands of someone who is going to brief the country on what's actually happening on the ground? >> like i said, he gave two reasons why he believed what he believed. like i said i did not find either one of them compelling. like i said i asked him for more information. it took them 24 hours to produce that. once he produced that i asked the analyst to relook at their judgment. they did within hours. they stuck to their judgment and like i said i did give the deputies and oral heads up that the station chief had a different view. >> i have more questions. i know there are a lot of folks that want to ask questions. thank you very much. >> mr. chairman mr. schiff had to go to a hearing. i would like to be in regular order and give my time at this point and then go back to regular order. is that okay? >> i think the ranking member and i also want to take the opportunity to thank the chairman for the way he has led our commi
FOX News
Apr 6, 2014 11:00am PDT
of senate armed services. then, former cia deputy director michael morrell admits to changing those now-infamous benghazi talking points. >> it was what we believed tee time, period -- >> we'll talk with former cia and nsa director michael hayden. a "fox news sunday" exclusive. >>> plus, seven million people signed up for obamacare. is it too soon for the white house to take a victory lap? our sunday panel weighs in. >>> and our power player of the week is now playing jimmy carter on stage. you probably know richard thomas best as john boy from "the wall tons." >> they say, you know, they never forgive someone who becomes successful before the age of 25. >> all right now on "fox news sunday." >>> and hello again from fox news in washington. it's a race against time in the southern indian ocean as search vessels try to find that malaysian jetliner before the beacon on the plane's black box goes dead. the head of the search says a chinese ship has detected pulse signals in a new area, and an australian ship picked up another signal today. fox news correspondent doug mckelway has the lates
FOX News
Apr 6, 2014 3:00pm PDT
of the senate armed services committee. >> then, former c.i.a. deputy director admits to changing the now benghazi talking points. >> changes i made were fully consistent with what our analysts believed at time. period. >> we will talk with former c.i.a. director and n.s.a. director in a fox news sunday exclusive. >> seven million people signed up for obamacare but is it too soon for the white house to take a victory lap? >> we weigh in. >> our power player of the week is playing jimmy carter on stage but you probably know richard tom best as "john boy" from "the waltons." >> they never forgive someone who does well before the age of 25. all right now on fox news sunday. >> hello again from fox news in washington. it is a race against time in the southern india ocean. search vessels try to find the malaysian jetliner before the bee condition on the black box goes dead. the head of the search says a chinese hip has detected pulse signals and australian ship picked up another signal today. our correspondent has the latest. doug? >> a chinese ship searching a small patch of ocean off the wes
FOX Business
Apr 2, 2014 7:00pm EDT
who for briefest of times was acting director of cia today, testified before congress on benghazi. and he played well. the part but only the part. of an honest man. he was seemingly direct at times as he addressed congressmen. but he was never cand it, forgetful, and never forth forthright. and ic newering contradicts of his -- ignoreing contradicts of his own making and he was most forth coming person in the room. here is mr. moral declineing to answer questions rangeing from why he originally blameed fbi for change could the talking points, altering them and distorting and destroying truck of matters. -- truth of matters. asked wited abouted his knowled' roller benghazi. >> i don't remember. the timing of my awareness of that investigation. i did not know anything about what was going to with general petraeus. >> i don't remember, i i don't remember saying that there was briefings, again i i don't remember, but as i said, i would not be surpriseed if i briefed the deputies, on the 13th, that the attack had evolveed, i don't know when ones, you have to ask agency for that, but,
Apr 4, 2014 4:00pm EDT
coming before the senate and urged republicans to support it. former acting cia director dean either that there was a cover-up in the 2012 would be a consulate attack. he testified this week at a house intelligence hearing on capitol hill. hearing focused on talking points but then united states ambassador susan rice did on the talk shows in removing some of those points. this is about three hours. today we continue the committee's investigation to the 2012 attacks against u.s. facilities in benghazi with the testimony from the former deputy director. the committee has heard from these attacks several times before but in closed session. today we receive his testimony in open sessions of the american people can hear from one of the most senior intelligence officials involved in the lead up in response to those attacks. we are all interested in the role in developing the talking points. we expect he will explain for the public how the controversy developed into a understand you will do some of that in your opening statement as well. want to first acknowledge the courageous heroes on th
Al Jazeera America
Apr 9, 2014 6:00pm EDT
in the prisons and what happened to them. >> the wedge between the c.i.a. and it's senate overseers is growing wider. al jazeera investigation found the controversial senate intelligence committee report accuses the senate of lying. the report that makes the claim is still classified but the committee voted to reveal parts of it to the public. investigative reporter jason leopold joins us. jason, good to have you back on the program. look, you had been doing more digging on this story. if you would take a moment here and detail this accusation that the c.i.a. lied about interrogations about the secret sites. lied to congress, lied to the white house. if you're lying to congress and the white house, you're lying to the american people. >> yes, well the report from what i'm toll basically points to one particular oversight here in closed door hearing that took place in 2005 when certain senators had credite questionedw certain interrogation techniques and whether they were used. in addition there were question whether the c.i.a. was adhering to international treaties, barring cruel and unusual p
. the cia has a program and the military has a program. during the first term which i was writing about the cia was mostly operating in pakistan which they considered an extension of the afghan battlefield. obama decided to make these decisions outside of conventional theaters of war where the war -- the law was less clear, we were not in a traditional state of war with another country. that is where he thought was risky and we needed to be more cautious so in somalia and yemen and to some extent in pakistan but mostly somalia and yemen he was making these decisions, making these decisions himself. most of the time, he would green light the operation but not always. he would roll them back and have a lot of questions about who are we actually going after? you have to remember in places like yemen and somalia some of these organizations are al qaeda affiliate's, terrorist organizations but also local insurgency's involved in civil wars and what he was fearful of was getting sucked into those kinds of local civil wars and not saying as he would put it i q focus. we are going after a membe
Apr 3, 2014 5:00am EDT
for the cia to say publicly that we warned of an attack coming. we also had him there that we had sent a warning cable to see no relevance of sending a warning cable to cairo to what happened in benghazi. as a way forthis cia to pound its chest and say look, we warned. therefore allaying all the blame on the state department. i did not think that appropriate. i thought there would be plenty of time to have a conversation whot what was warned and responded and how. i did not think that discussion should start publicly, that was the judgment i made at a time. >> one other sentence, "the wide availability of weapons and experienced fighters in libya almost certainly contributed to the valley of the attacks -- to the lethality of the attacks." >> we did not know about the training of the attackers at that point, i thought it was speculative and not helpful. i am not saying i made the right decisions, but that is the decision i made. >> it is just such a drastic change. to be morens seem protective of other agencies that even the other agencies are. you fororell, thank coming and for your m
Apr 1, 2014 1:00pm PDT
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Comedy Central
Apr 8, 2014 11:31pm PDT
jesus on earth today. you come up with pope francis. >> stephen: tonight, did the c.i.a. go too far to fight terrorism? if you answered yes, the drones are on the way! (laughter) then standardized tests get an update. reading comprehension will now be limited to 140 characters! (laughter) and my guest dame jane goodall has a new book, seeds of hope, wisdom of the world of plants. it's printed on dead plants. new documents allege al sharpton was an informant. he must have joined msnbc as the wit protection program. this is the "the colbert report." captioning sponsored by comedy central (cheers and applause) >> stephen: thank you, ladies and gentlemen! thank you for joining us! (audience chanting "stephen") >> stephen: welcome to the report, everybody. thank you so much for joining us! (audience chanting) (cheers and applause) >> stephen: nation, it's been three weeks since vladimir putin annexed crimea and president obama still refuses to intervene. we have got to invade before putin's slave army vanquishes all of europe on his way to westoros. full disclosure -- i may have been fli
FOX News
Apr 30, 2014 3:00pm PDT
of talking point, one prepared by cia and the other prepared by rhodes about unrest in the region. to bolster his case, he referenced fox news. >> anti u.s. protests are spreading across the arab world. >> but it conflicts with the record. the rhodes email was released to judicial watch which explicitly released after suing for documents. >> the committee asked for the documents and they gave us that documents. >> carney denied it, saying she used the best available information from the intelligence committee. >> she was prepared as were members of congress based on what the ic produced to talk about benghazi. >> but that conflicts with the talking points by cia which makes reference to protests but not the video. and the former cia director michael morell recently testified that it was rice who made the connection. >> whafles your reaction when you saw her explanation about what happened? >> when she talked about the video, my reaction was that's not something that the analysts have attributed this attack to. >> and there are new allegations that other documents are being delayed, blocked or
Al Jazeera America
Apr 11, 2014 11:00pm EDT
senate intelligence committee's report paints a picture of extreme torture methods used by the cia during the bush administration. terror suspects in the wake of the september 11th attacks. the findings say the harsh methods might have been illegal even under the definition of torture that was set by the be department of justice at the time. senator dianne feinstein hinted at the report from last week. >> stands in stark contrast to our values as a nation. chronicles a stain on our history that plus never be allowed to happen again. >> still classified report. 6,000 pages long, the first techniques did not effectively detain the agency from extracting information from detainees. necessity of their tactics and the cia employed tactics on detainees that were not authorized while wrongfully detaining others. overall the findings conclude the agency's action he were more extensive that be it organizely reported. feinstein said the number of detainees that were affected. >> robert grenier joins us from washington. we appreciate your time very much. my first question, let's be blunt here. do yo
FOX News
Apr 2, 2014 10:00am PDT
's covered by most health plans. >>> 1:00 in new york. 1:00 in washington. foxnews alert. former acting cia boss. mike morel, taking heated and pointed question on the hill. a brand-new hour of "hq." welcome. >> hi, i'm sandra smith. the fireworks on whether mr. mo morrell bowed to pressure on the attacks that took four american lives. let's get back to michele bachmann asking questions. >> if we don't take the totality of the information about something this important. until we get it right. this wasn't just in the immediate two days afterwards. the president of the united states, two weeks later, in front of the united nations, continued the false narrative that it was a youtube video that was responsible for what happened. as a matter of fact, that film maker went to jail for a year and he was the only scapegoat while the thugs and criminals in benghazi are still wandering the streets. he's the only one that has ever gone to jail. no wonder the american people are absolutely upset about this because how interesting that at the u.n., the number one agenda identify imof the oic was to crim
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